Monday, March 16, 2009

One Thing at a Time

I'm always reminding my kids: "Finish one thing before you start the next." However, I normally do not practice what I preach - at least not when it comes to knitting.

Until the beginning of 2009 my house was littered with wip's in various states of completion, or limbo, or denial, and few items ever seemed to get finished up. Especially, bigger items like sweaters.

Last year I finished only about 25% of the sweaters and vests I started, and the rest of my fo's consisted of a hat here, and a scarf there, with lots and LOTS of little things started and then frogged.

Not such a terrible thing, I guess, but not terribly productive, either. So I've been trying to limit myself to one project on the needles (two if I need a little one for the road), and since then, the fo's have been piling up like hotcakes!

Transitions Sweater and me on our first date, he :)

Well, okay, maybe not like hotcakes. But stuff - wearable stuff - is definitely getting done.

Project: Eco Vest
Pattern: Modified version of Lion Brand's Vest-in-a-Jiffy (God I hate that name), details rav'ed here.
Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool, chocolate brown, 1 skein (476 yds)
Needle: Size 10-1/2 29" circ

Now, I'm beginning to think that there *is* something to this whole "one thing at a time" business I've been trying to sell to my kids.

Next up - this modular vest by Andra Knight-Bowman. I was interested in the construction, but not sure about making one for me until I saw this version. Love <3! Below is Square #1, "details rav'ed here.

Frisky is not a fan of the Modular Vest (or of hoomans knitting in general, for that matter.)

"Too much knitting. Not enough treats."

Sunday, March 08, 2009


At last! And just in time for spring, heh heh. Oh well, it'll be a great fall color too...

Pattern: Transitions Yoke Cardigan
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in Moss Heather
Needles: size 6 circ's (16" and 29")

Just needs a wash and a good blocking to even out those button bands, then I'll add the buttons. The silver buttons I tried at first were too small, and not quite the look I wanted. I ended up going with a slightly larger button in a shade that's close to the yarn color - I have one up there at the top but will take some better pics once they are all in place.

I made a few modifications - if you can call it that, given that the pattern is more like a general recipe than a specific set of instructions - including more garter rows, wider button bands, and shorter, wider sleeves. So excited to have finished a sweater for me!!

Now, I'm off to choose my next project. It's spring break this week, and even though I have a massive amount of work to do I don't actually have to go anywhere. This bodes very well for my stash - and the likelihood of another FO in my future :)