Saturday, November 29, 2008

Second Childhood

Don't get me wrong - I absolutely love being the mother of two boys. I wouldn't trade them for the world. But every now and again, I do wish I had an opportunity to do some "girl" things, especially the things I enjoyed as a child, sigh.

Fortunately, I found that some of these things have a boy equivalent. For example, reading the Henry Huggins series by Beverly Clearly was almost as satisfying as reading the Ramona series by Beverly Clearly. Stuffed animals are stuffed animals. All good.

One thing I haven't gotten to do the second time around? Dolls. Mind you, I was never into Barbies. (I sure was crazy about that baby from The Sunshine Family, though.*) But I did love me a historical doll and have always felt a little cheated to have missed out on the American Girl phenomenon. Luckily, I have a niece and can experience this vicariously ;)

A search of the great and wonderous Ravelry produced a bounty of seriously cute patterns. I like this one, and this one too, and a few others that I've queued. Like this one that I knit last night:

(Pardon the partial nudity, heheh - this is a generic 18" doll I picked up for cheap to use for sizing.) Pattern is here, and details are rav'ed here.

It was supposed to have sleeves, but wouldn't you know I ran out of yarn. I finished the arm openings with single crochet and did the same on the hood. I would probably make a few mods to cut down on the ridiculous # of ends that needed to be woven in, but will definitely make another with sleeves.

Also whipped up a little headband and a fun fur boa. He.

I scored a great doll trunk at the Black Friday sales so there's no stopping me now. There are hangers and drawers to fill, people. In fact, I think there is a tiny hooded cape in my immediate future...

*Consider yourself officially Middle Aged if you know what I'm talking about.
OH! and PS, lest you think I have gone all Steve Carell with his action figures in "The 40-Year Old Virgin," these items are actually for my niece, not me!! (I think...)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Busy, busy....

...Well, I am at least! Can't say the same for anyone else around here:

Should have a FO Christmas present before I fall asleep tonight.

"Mom, shhh! Can't you see I'm trying to nap?"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Update, Patient #1

Time to check on the progress of my first guinea pig, er, cut-and-repair project, the Top Down Raglan.

But first, a PSA: Frisky would like to remind everyone that winter is for coziness:

Anyway, here's a shot of the saggy, baggy patient in the pre-op phase, ook:

The surgical team (comprised of me, along with my painfully honest family) recommended a complete neckline reconstruction and shoulder lift. You can view the gory details here.

After snipping, decreasing and binding off, I decided a collar might improve the situation. Here's how far I've gotten:

So far, so good. I like the way this looks.

Unfortunately, though, I got off to the wrong start on the first row so there is a nasty ridge at the join. It will have to be ripped out and reknit, but at this point in the saga that is small beans. I will get back to this for real this once the Christmas knitting settles down.

Speaking of Christmas knitting, I do have quite a bunch going that I can't show here. (If you are on Ravelry, go here and type "christmas2008" in the search box to view the current lineup.) I have to do things in spurts due to the presence of "prying eyes" in my house :) Thank goodness certain people do go to bed at some point.

Hope your knitting - holiday or otherwise - is going well. Know that I am busy Rav-stalking and queueing your projects, mwahaha!! (Except you, Kathy - yours are too hard!! LOL!)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I May Have Missed My Calling...

...perhaps I should have gone into medicine rather than social science?

My latest surgical procedure: The Cotton Vest Reduction. Here's the patient pre-op:

Not too bad, but unfortunately it was just long enough (and being made of cotton, it stretched even more) that it clung to my least favorite body part, The Post-40 Lower Abdominal Area.

As Jo the Supernanny would say, "that is not acceptable."

So out with the shears:

And back onto the needles we go.

Is it just me, or is it a mystical experience to witness how knitting down looks just like knitting up? I DON'T GET WHY IT WORKS, BUT THANK GOD IT DOES.

So here's the finished product. Much cuter, don't you think?

I swear, my laundry room mirror doesn't look nearly that gross in real life...ook.

Quick - look over here! It's Pepe Le Pew!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008