Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm Still Here...Knitting and Everything....

*Caution* Photoless blog post.

I have been quite busy, what with my students and their midterms, kid bball playoff games, and the big DI tournament and all (12 hours straight of screaming kid creativity - woo hoo!) this weekend. Surprisingly, though, lots of knitting has gotten done. I've finished the back of Prudence and will cast on for the front tonight during coughcoughAmerican Idolcoughcough. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

As I read this over I am suddenly aware of how little of my schedule is about me! When did that happen, anyway?

*Sigh* well, this week it's all about me, baby. I'm on Spring Break, so no more teaching-related business till next week. Bonus: my kids' are NOT on break. He he. Chick flicks and a margarita for lunch? Mais oui!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Reflect, reassess, RIP

My snowbird parents came up from their winter hide-a-way to visit us this weekend! Kids and chihuahua were duly spoiled. A lovely weekend was had by all. Love you guys :)

This Lenten season seemed like a good time to come to terms with a little unfinished business in my life. As I abstain from peanut butter (kids chose our family sacrifice this year, he he)and try to abstain from new book and yarn expenditures, I review my in-progress knitting projects:

Unresolved Issue #1: The gorgeous but oh-so-not happening Deb Newton rectangular wrap from VK Fall 2005.

Since I don't have a cashmere budget (har) I purchased some Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in colorway Twig for this project. Loved the yarn, loved the color, but it was really sheddy...and, much as I love alpaca - yes, it's the poor girl's cashmere - I wasn't crazy about the idea of my clothes being covered with it.

So, I ripped that out and substituted some Plymouth Suri Merino (50/50 alpaca merino) in black:

But this is all the progress I'd made in over a year!! Turns out that knitting in black (even with this very soft and lovely yarn) is a pain in the arse for several reasons. For one, I can't see the stitches I'm knitting very clearly. For two, I can't see the pattern emerging as I knit.

Frustration + boring = frog.

Here's Plan B:

It's the Prudence Easy vest from berrocco.com. A gal at SnB was working on the cabled version a few weeks ago, but I, um, have enough going on in that area already and definitely don't need the added funk of a ginormous cable. So, Easy it is. A wee bit boring with all the stockinette, but it's good soccer mom/tv/movie knitting. (Hello, spring kids sports season!) Also, I will definitely wear the finished product. Vests = good, more so after age 40.

Unresolved Issue #2: What to do with those, um, 14 skeins of Inca Alpaca that have been hanging around for as many months.

After a considerable amount of fondling and self-reflection, I've come to the conclusion that I can accept the sheddiness of the Inca Alpaca, I can! It's so soft and cushy! And I must not buy any new yarn till I use up some of my old! So off we go:

Word of caution: almost unbearable softness. Store in back seat of car while driving...

Hope my SnB buds had fun this weekend - with any luck I'll see y'all next time :)