Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Summer of Knit

My, this certainly has been a wool-friendly summer. I'm aware that in some places in the US the heat has reached record highs, but here in New England? We are all about the chilly.

This is driving some people nuts, but, honestly, I kind of like it. Sunny and 70 degrees in July? I'll take it, thank you very much. Not only have I saved bundles on my electricity costs, my knitting output has never been better. That's a win-win situation as far as I'm concerned.

Baktus Update
Turns out that the lure of the Baktus was too much for me to resist. As soon as I got my hands on another skein of lovely Brooks Farm Acero I cast on again.

Because I am a sheep (and because the lure of everything Terhi makes is also too much for me to resist - am I becoming a Ravstalker?) this one is the lacy version. The pattern is such a peach - the ultimate travel knitting project.

I got the yarn from a fellow Raveler who was doing a major destash. She gave me such a good price on it that I almost felt guilty. Almost. It really is gorgeous. (Details rav'ed here.) Oddly, I am in no hurry to finish this. I just like looking at it.

Both pictures are from atop the breakers at Hampton Beach, NH. It was our first sunny day here in some time, and we stuck it out for as long as possible by moving our gear up onto the rocks. The sky was absolutely gorgeous:

Acer Update
The lesson from my first Acer button disaster is that looks aren't everything, *sigh*. I needed something really feather-weight. (Details rav'ed here.) After checking out the project pages for Acer I ended up going with the same style of button used by a few others, and the shape is just right, I think.

I would have liked an even lighter-colored maple on this pale yarn, but these will do for now. And, since I plan to make it again in Peace Fleece...

Mondo Cable
But first, I need to finish this little bippy:

Honestly, I liked this pattern in its first incarnation, but the more recent top-down version is a real winner. The provisional cast-on gave me a few headaches (you can read all about the agony here) but did make for a lovely seamless shoulder. I hope to have this done in another day or two.

Next Up
So, what bandwagon to jump on next? I've been thinking about breaking into my luscious Silken Mohair (a worsted-weight silk with a mohair haze, yum) to do a Mara or a November Ruffle. Or maybe I'll get back to Bernhardt. Or..or...or...

Gratuitous Chihuahua Shots
Clearly I could go on and on, but that wouldn't do either of us any good. There is work to be done besides the knitting, after all. And you may even be asleep by now. So I'll bid you adieu with some parting shots of you-know-who:

I'm not afraid of fireworks, no siree, are you afraid of fireworks? because I'm not, no, no way, not me.

Well, someone has to prop this kid up, right?

Friday, July 03, 2009

Stick a Fork in It...

...because Acer is officially done. In exactly two weeks, including blocking and buttons. Woot!

Speaking of buttons, I am gradually coming to the realization that the ones I just sewed on, though gorgeous, are really just too heavy for this light and lofty yarn. Hence, I can't get a decent, non-gappy picture of me wearing it :(

So, eventually I will need to swap these buttons out, but for now I'm going to just sit here in a pleasant state of denial and enjoy my finished sweater. And have a cocktail.

Obviously this plan gets the official Frisky TM seal of approval.

Tomorrow I'll be watching fireworks, the Pops, and Neil Diamond (that's right, Miss abby) and working on my Lacy Baktus. Hope you enjoy your 4th too!