Friday, September 29, 2006

The Old-Fashioned Way

Friday Night Conversation in My House:

Boy #1: It's 8:00, quick, change the channel.
Boy #2: I can't, I can't find the remote.
Boy #1: Where'd you put it?
Boy #2: (indignantly) I didn't put it anywhere.
Boy #1: Well, what are we going to do?? The show's about to start!
Boy #2: (heavy sigh) We're just going to have to do it the old-fashioned way.
Boy #1: Well then do it!
Boy #2: I'm going in...(gets up and changes the channel on the actual tv)
Boy #1: Thank God.

Thank God, indeed :)

Conquering Cables: here's my Irish Hiking Scarf progress:


I'm using some Paton's Classic Merino that I found in my felted bag stash. It's a little stiff but it will soften up with wear - I know this because I crocheted a poncho with it a few years ago and it still something I love to wear. I love cables! I think once I get this done I'm going to try this, and maybe later Shedir .

Side note: If you haven't used Paton's Classic Merino for felting yet, you should try it. It felts up nicely in one shot through the wash, it is an economical 5 bucks a skein for 100 grams, and you can buy it in craft stores like AC Moore and Michael's where they have those fabulous 40% (and sometimes 50%) off coupons. Such a deal for the 100% wool! They have even come out with some variegated shades. I mean, come on, you're gonna put it in the washing machine anyway...

Exciting news from my LYS: Reopening for the winter season on Sundays, starting this Sunday! Also contests and specials of the month. God, I love yarn.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ode to a Chihuahua

There is nothing quite like the affection of a little dog. Especially one who appreciates a nice hand-knit sweater.

Love you, Frisky :)

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cable (swatch) Conquered?

I did it - a swatch, anyway. I have to admit, it really wasn't hard at all.

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So then I guess this is why you blog? It's someplace to run to and shout about your little (or big) knit accomplishments, especially when it's days until your next SnB and, let's face it, no one else really cares about your swatch.

I am now looking forward to making the whole scarf! (Irish Hiking Scarf, that is.) I wish I hadn't put cables off for so long.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Boston Knit Out and Crochet 2006

I went to this today despite dire warnings from the Weather Channel. It ended up being a very warm and hazy day, a little sticky, maybe, but nice for late September.

The forecast probably affected the turnout a little, but there were still a ton of people and lots of stuff to look at. Given my current state of project overload, I did not buy anything, not even that cute little felted coin purse kit from Windsor Button Shop, but it was not for lack of alternatives!!

I definitely would have had more fun knitting had I gone with my SnB, but alas, no one else was up for the trek to the Big City. That's all right ladies, I grabbed you all a WEBS free shipping coupon anyway :) Hope y'all had fun today!!

Anyway, I was so flustered by the sight of all that yarn stuff that I apparently didn't take very many yarn pictures. (It was tough to get a yarn shot inside the tents anyway, they were pretty crowded.) Plus I am actually a total newbie to these things, which is why I was really, really excited about going. But here are a few shots I did manage to get.

This first shot is of about half of the crowd listening to some of the authors. The way the area was laid out I would have needed a wide angle lens to get the whole scene. There was a little bit of what sounded like a "fiber sermon" going on, so I tried not to listen too closely lest I become indoctrinated:


At the Blogger Cafe there was a log book for bloggers to sign in and get a little sticky badge to write their blog name on. This is apparently to up the odds of bumping into someone whose blog you've been reading:


Fiber Safaris! What will they think of next? Apparently you can sign up for their pre-planned fiber adventures, or book one of your own. For example, as the FS man told me, you might want to book an outing with the theme of "Best of Boston" and they would take you around to all those shops. I think part of why they were so busy was that they had a LOT of chocolate out on that table:


Spinners always seem to attract a lot of attention. There were some gorgeous wheels:


And this last shot sums up why you've just gotta love Boston: check out the SnB happening on the bench, utterly oblivious to their neighbor in the grass:

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All in all it was worth the trip. I really missed knitting with the girls but I picked up a lot of information, including a close-up look at some WIP cuff-down two-at-a-time socks, which got me considering the technique again. It was very cool to browse all the vendors (including my very own LYS, awww), though also very tempting! and I saw a few I definitely want to go visit. After I finish all those projects I have going, of course ;)

That's it - I can't believe I'm still awake, especially after yesterday! Back to the grind tomorrow...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yawning doesn't even begin to describe it

I am sitting here with my eyes half closed. I feel like I've been in a street fight for the last few hours. My head is throbbing, my back is killing me, my throat is hoarse, and I feel pretty woozy.

Why? Because I foolishly believed it made more sense to have a preteen boy party at home rather than go out to the local roller rink.

After picking 1,000,000,000,000 kernels of popcorn out of the berber carpet, peeling a half-sucked Jolly Rancher (dh thought hard candy would be a good idea) off of a sofa, administering ice to the eye of one young partygoer and a wet rag to the bloody lip of another, I can tell you, if you find yourself in such a situation, GO TO THE DAMN ROLLER RINK. It is worth whatever fee they charge. Go, and don't look back.

Don't get me wrong - the kids had a memorable, red-letter kind of evening. Even those who required first aid. In ones and twos they are cute enough, a little rambunctious maybe, but manageable. I just don't have anything like the kind of energy it takes to prepare for, live through, and deal with the aftermath of, the effects of 8 of them in my home at one time. I don't know what we were thinking. *Sigh* But ds hath proclaimed it "the best day of my life" so there is our reward :) He's going to have to live on that for a while though. A LONG while. Mommy and Daddy need some sleep.

Nothing to report on the knitting front. Can you blame me? I spent the week grading papers, writing quizzes, and tying yarn to balloons for "Stomp n Pop." Next up: son number two's Harry Potter extravaganza. Give me strength!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Whoops! Did I ever learn my lesson today! Apparently when you join a ring that blog gets added to your list of blogs....and you can, if you are not careful, as I was obviously not, post your personal blog writings to that big ol' blog instead of your own! Who knew? Well, I'm sure they all love me over there on Conquering Cables now. Hey everyone! I'm here!

Anyway, what I was going to say was that since I don't have nearly enough knitting going on (see below for mega post on the subject) I thought it would be a great idea to join the Conquering Cables KAL. When I downloaded that Irish Hiking Scarf pattern I was filled with such a sense of joy and purpose that I knew it just had to be right. I wanted to do a KAL, I need to learn cables, and anyway it'll make a nice gift. Someday.

Speaking of not having enough knitting, my youngest child has informed me that he would like not only this - but also a sweater for it. Being a chihuahua person myself, I can totally relate, but I'm thinking more along the lines of this - cute with a touch of anime. If I can't have Hello Kitty (apparently boys are not so keen on her) I can at least have amigurumi chihuahua. (Not as a catchy a name, though is it?)

Anyway, if anyone is reading this, feel free to leave a comment about the blog, my pictures, etc (just not the one with me in it - that was a bad day.) Not that I'm needy or anything.

Sock Progress!!! Whee!

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Some progress...

Went to SnB today - we should have knit outdoors, it was a gorgeous day. The bookstore where we met had the AC cranked up - brr. But I suppose it was a good incentive to get back to some of those wooly projects I've avoided all summer, if only to keep warm.

Saw Lynne for the first time in a while - along with her lovely Vogue socks. Beautiful work, Lynne, I don't know how you crank them out so fast. This group has definitely dwindled over the summer :( Maybe we'll get some of 'em back now that it's getting colder. Or if abby's social life ever cools down :) (I'm just jealous LOL)

Turned the heel on one of dh's socks and got halfway through the heel of the second - progress!! I used a reinforcing thread on the heels this time, which turned out better than I expected, and if it extends the lives of those heels even a little it will have been well worth the effort.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hall of (Unfinished) Shame

I have been complaining lately about not finishing things, so it seemed like a good time to pull all of my OTN projects out and face them in the light of day - well, it's night now, but you know what I mean. Here they are, in order from newest to oldest:

The Heinous Shrug: 80% done, needs seaming finished on one sleeve, pick up and knit ribbing around the circle. I have no idea how this will turn out, but I do think it's something I'll wear around the house, assuming I ever finish it:


Hmm...a little Pilates wouldn't hurt either, girlfriend.

Socks: 25% done, Nashua Handknits Cilantro Colors, 100% cotton. I love this yarn, it's all springy and sproingy and wicked comfortable. I already made myself a pair of lowrise socks in the raspberry colorway. But don't look for these on my feet any time soon:


Silk Cashmere Scarf: Okay, now here's a candidate for possible completion in this lifetime. It's supposed to be a Christmas present, but....Christmas is just around the corner, and I got a lotta stuff in the queue, you know what I mean?


Crochet Granny Square Afghan: This was a lovely idea, a well-deserved gift for my parents. At the moment, though, not keeping them so warm. But don't let my lack of progress stop you! This book is the greatest, and could turn even the staunchest anti-crocheter onto the hook:


DH Socks: I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with these bad boys. This is one project that absolutely must get done. My husband hasn't had a pair of handknit socks from me since before kids, and I really want him to have these for the winter. This winter, preferably:

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My So-Called Scarf: I was intrigued by this pattern and thought it would be nice in Malabrigo. It is nice, but it would be nicer in a more variegated colorway. Anyway, it's started and should be a Christmas present, but again, that line just keeps getting longer...:

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Vogue Shawl: Shown here as "15 Ruffles Shawl", a Vogue exclusive pattern and damn I really should finish this one. The edge treatment is amazing. Gifts, schmifts, I really, really need this:


Pretty Comfy Sock: These look promising, but see that harmless looking little piece of yarn sticking out near the toe? That is one of two big holes forming in sock #1, right in the middle of the foot. And I did nothing to cause this - it has chosen to unravel itself, I swear. It's back to the depths of the yarn closet for these two:


Anyway, that's the "gang." I also have a hat kit, yarn for two felted bags, 14 skeins of alpaca, plus an embarrassing amount of other assorted stash. Yet today, I had the nerve to buy this because I was actually thinking it would be a good idea for me to make the Einstein coat now. Geez, sometimes you need to say those kinds of things out loud, like a little reality check?

I agree with Crazy Aunt Purl - this whole blogging thing really is total narcissism. And ever so much cheaper than therapy. Thanks for listening, Blogistan :)

Who is this man???

Okay, this is something I HAVE to share. Has anyone else been to this blog? Absolutely gorgeous knitting as well as photography - truly an artist in every sense of the word. Check out his gallery sidebars.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Got up early this morning to stitch up one of the sleeves of the heinous shrug. I got halfway through the seaming of the second one when somehow the "sound" of me doing this roused the rest of the family from their slumbers. Needless to say I am still halfway through the sewing of the second sleeve. I will post some pictures soon.

On the bright side, earlier tonight I went to a fun knit group just north of here, where I told my tale of woe about the shrug and got some good suggestions for tightening up that floppy middle part where the ribbing will have to go into the increases. Thanks ladies, for that dose of common sense. I also learned a lot about speed dating, cyber dating, and heavily tatooed men. Hopefully I won't need to apply any of what I learned anytime soon, but if I do, at least I will be prepared. I did make some progress on dh's sock-u-lator socks (in this yarn, click on the sock picure, it's colorway 769.) I also busted a gut laughing. Those girls are a hoot.

And check this out - I must make came up when I searched on dh's sock yarn. Too cute!

Sorry, but I suddenly have a very small dog attached to my leg and some Pinot Noir that must be put to bed. TTFN :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just got back from SnB in the park - what a day! This is my kind of weather - sunny and just a little bit cool. I love fall. It was nice to get outside...and knit. I haven't had much time for either thing lately.

SnB was little (just abby and me) but good, just like Stitch's new family (non-parents, bear with me.) We got a lot done despite the menacing presence of screechy preteens. Rock on, abby :)

I made some progress on my heinous shrug project. Despite my gauge being "perfect" (hmph) the left sleeve ended up being way too long, so I deducted a few inches from the middle part, crossed my fingers, and started down the right sleeve. For most of this sleeve I have been convinced that I was going to end up with a giant-armed gorilla shrug...but when I cast off and tried it on for size, I found to my great relief that's it's not (terribly) too big. Now, I have to pick up and knit those 200 stitches' worth of ribbing, and some of those stitches will have to be worked into the increases (unless I want to lose 40 lbs and grow my arms an extra 3" apiece) and this is again causing some angst. Hopefully it won't come out all weird and wavy.

Hey Liz, thanks for visiting :) How ironic is it that I started my heinous shrug right after your lovely shrug design of the same brand started appearing in print ads??? Had I known...but let's face it, that boucle would have kicked my butt. I am not so good with the bumpy yarns, my needles go right through them. Clearly, I have more than enough trouble with smooth.

Now that I have a blog I need one of those finish-ometers to keep track of my projects. Any suggestions? And I really should do some kind of 'A-Long, n'est-ce pas?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Knitting Bits, Part Duh

Hmmm...these were to have uploaded with the others. Oh well, at least they're here now.

Felted bag for my sister in law, prefelting, finished May, 2006, and containing a lovely surprise :)

Bag for my children's absolutely fabulous 1st grade teacher who retired at the end of 2006, finished June 2006:

And that's it for now. I also made 2 pairs of kid socks, a ribbon-yarn wrap, a hat for dh, and a bunch of other things I can't seem to recall at the moment. I'll post those pix when I find them, (or take new ones after I wrench the items off of feet and heads) and perhaps in the meantime this will give me some incentive to finish one of the umpteen projects I have going now... Posted by Picasa

Knitted Bits, Part I

Well, I can't figure out how to do a sidebar with pictures so Im going to just post some of them here. I have this need to see all of my stuff in one place, but it's not going to happen today because I can't find all my pix (sniff,sob).

I'm not exactly sure why I care so much about this - maybe it's because I spend so much time knitting but lately can't seem to get anything finished... Anyway, this will be Part I.

PART I: Stuff I've finished and could find the picture of:

My knitting bag, prefelting, finished Jan 2006...

Hat and scarf, Suri Merino in celery green. I modified the patterns to accomodate the checkerboard motif. Finished April, 2006 (I think...) Looks a little washed out here but the color is actually pretty yummy.

The Charity Bears: SuperBear and SweaterBear - together at last, May, 2006 :)

Baby blankie for my newest cousin, June-ish 2006. I started it years ago and found it just when I needed it - just needed a little finishing.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hurray for Publishing a Blog with Blogger!

Okay, now I've actually done a few things. I love this book and definitely cannot function without it. I wonder if the library will notice if it never comes back?

Damn Technology

At last! A place to put all those unappreciated pictures of my knitted things. Now if only I knew how to get them here...*sigh*

Embarrassing as it is to admit, I am so techno-challenged that I actually got a book at the library (Publishing a Blog with Blogger - who knew?) to do this thing. Anyway, I'm only on page 7 so it will probably be a while before anything exciting happens. Maybe go get a glass of wine and check back later.