Monday, June 11, 2007

SWS Magic

I've been uber-busy just lately, so not much knitting has been done. I have been working on a Patons SWS copy of the Noro 1x1 manually striped scarf I've been reading about here (definitely the most beautifully photographed version) and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, SWS comes in just a handful of colors, but I think that these two are working together in a really interesting way:

This is such a fun and fast knit, I can't seem to put it down! The SWS is soft and dense, and has a cushy but firm texture. It's fun to see what color combinations come up as you work. I can't imagine doing this is a really luxurious yarn like Silk Garden; I wouldn't be able to get anything else done ;)

Other than that, I'm still plugging away on the little guy's Jitterbug socks. Slow going, those little things. I think maybe it's the stockinette getting a bit boring - the next pair will be these, for sure. For me :)

I did escape this weekend with the dh, sans kids, to Cape Cod:

It was a lovely and relaxing weekend, and long overdue!


Kathy said...

Ohhh! The scarf is lovely, and I can imagine how entertaining it must be to watch the colors wrap around each other. Gorgeous.

I would like to make the Clessidras also, but I know I would never wear knee highs, so will try to shorten them. They probably will not be as beautiful then... :(

Good to have a little R&R with the hubby... looks like a beautiful setting.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Love that scarf!!

Lucia said...

The colors in that scarf are positively mouthwatering.