Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Frisky is nothing if not expressive:

"Oh, I am filled with ennui...See how my eyes weep with despair..."

"What? Did someone say peanut butter?"

There's a reason they call it a dog's life :)

ETA: Check out the new DOT button - cute!!! Looks just like Frisky ;) Thanks, Paula.


Donna said...

What a honney! Please give him some peanut butter....please. he is too cute to resist!

Lora said...

what? what? I love peanut butter...move over dog! LOL

Vivian said...

oh that's such a cute pup!! Funny how they rest the chin on things like the head is too heavy.

bobbi said...

yum! peanut butter

Kathy said...

LOL!! Toooo Cute!

Paula said...

Oh What a heart breaker!
I bet he can get any treats he wants with those expressions!

I thought you might like the button! :)