Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, not really, but soon. Look what we saw in our cherry tree yesterday:

Eastern bluebirds. So adorable.

Also, we noticed today that it was still light out at 5:30 pm. Barely, but some light was definitely still visible. Good, good stuff.

Lest you think that between Frisky and the bluebirds we've gone completely Wild Kingdom here at Yawn Over, I give you the new love of my life:

Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl by Sarah Bradberry, in Manos del Uruguay. (Click here for some Manos versions on Ravelry.) Oh, the wooliness. Oh, the rippliness. I simply cannot put this down. I have not experienced this level of project monogamy since...never. How long will it last? Stay tuned...

PS: Many thanks to Kat with a K for patiently explaining to me which end of the shawl is supposed to be the pointy one - before I tugged the whole thing completely out of shape :) Yes, I am clueless!


Anonymous said...

It's so nice when the sun doesn't set at 4:30, isn't it? It is a small difference that really puts a smile on my face.

Kat with a K said...

Yay! I am SO ready for spring.

The shawl is going so quickly!! I'm glad you love it so much.

Kathy said...

I envy you Eastern Bluebirds. We have then in Iowa, but in the country/timber areas - rarely in town. My husband would love to have them in the back yard.

I need the promise of Spring. It was 10 below 0 this morning when I was out driving to an appointment...a wind chill of 30 below 0! Just too darn cold.

Your Shawl is gorgeous. I sympathize with your quandary of what goes up, and what goes down. The first (and only) shawl I made, I had my bearings all mixed up...stretching in the wrong direction.

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

So in Calgary... Spring comes around the end of April and we get most of our snow in March. Bleah. Love the blue birds! You just don't see them here (and I am a bird watcher) we get Blue Jays but alas... no Blue Birds. Very pretty shawl BTW!