Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hypervigilant Redux!

It's nice to be back into teaching mode and over the hump of the first few weeks of the fall semester. Now that I have hit my stride, I'm ready to reclaim my knitting mojo and tackle my wips...again.

First up is the Top-down raglan cardi: (sorry for the horrendous pic!)

Now that the evenings are a bit cooler I find I'm really, really enjoying knitting with wool again, especially a nice wooly wool like Manos del Uruguay. There's such a deep softness about it...not even sure how to describe it, but I guess it's all in the spin. I should have this one done pretty soon and look forward to wearing it - so far it is a very comfy fit. Laura Chau rocks :) I'm hoping to stick with this one until it's done.

Of course, something always seems to come along to test my commitment to project monogamy. In this case it was DS the younger and his 10th birthday yesterday. He has had his eye on Spherey after spying it during one of my numerous Rav surf expeditions, and I decided to make it as a last minute birthday gift - as in, the morning of.

I am nothing if not spontaneous, but also prone to making myself crazy with my last minute "inspirations." Fortunately, Sphery was a quick knit:

In addition to making my son very happy, this little guy also proved to be a great opportunity to break out my lovely Lantern Moon ebony dpns. Being size 6's, they don't really get a lot of play around here, but they are such a pleasure to use and this helped make the project go much more smoothly. Plus, just look at this guy:

How could anyone be grumpy in the face of such cuteness?

One thing I did learn is to never use black needles with black yarn - I switched to some pink Susan Bates for the arms and legs :) Spherey was very warmly received by his recipient.

I can't seem to get Frisky to sit still for a picture tonight, so I'll have to settle for a flashback link to one of my favorite pictures of him, from November of last year:



Vivian said...

Manos is a lovely yarn. I knitted a sweater with it couple of years ago, very very comfortable to wear.

Your son has a good eye on knitting toys, and I'm keeping my guys away from Revelry so they don't get ideas.

Frisky says he'll sit still for a picture if mom knits him a gift too.

Rima said...

I love top down. Actually, I only knit top down garments.

Incidently, I am currently knitting a purple sweater with Manos. Feels soooo good!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Oh Spherey, you are such a heartbreaker!!:)

Terhi said...

Spherey is SOOO cute! Such a nice little smile. :-)