Saturday, April 04, 2009

Has Spring Really...Sprung?

Although it is officially spring, the weather in these parts has continued to fluctuate between barely-warmish and pretty-darn-coldish. Frisky is patiently waiting for summer to arrive:


In this season of renewal I have been evaluating both my yarn stash and some long-term projects, and mercilessly doing away with items that have become stagnant.

First on the chopping - er, frogging - block: The February Lady sweater. I totally, shamelessly, geekily wanted to be part of this bandwagon. I even joined the KAL on Ravelry. I eventually got through the bodice and a good chunk of the lace before realizing the unfortunate truth that this is one wagon I needed to get off.

The problem was not so much about the sweater as it was about me. Trying the sweater on as I went proved to be a painful reminder of my last trip to the junior department somewhere in my late 20s...that feeling that suddenly, without warning, I had become irrelevant to (in?) that particular fashion genre. And so it was with FLS.

After many months of denial I finally bit the bullet and started ripping. It was actually not as painful as I thought, mostly because the Dream in Color yarn is just so delicious.

At first, I cast on for the Striped Modular Vest (details rav'ed here.) Unfortunately, getting the required gauge for the project resulted in a fabric that was...well, droopy, even wimpy. I will try again later with a slightly heftier yarn, but in the meantime, it was back to the frog pond for that beautiful DIC.

Now I have cast on for what I fervently hope will be this yummy yarn's final incarnation: the romantically named Pattern #105-12 from Drops (Details rav'ed here.)

This seems like the kind of top that could be worn most of the year layered over a tee or a blouse. Me likee.

The pattern is typical of Drops - really great instructions (as long as you read ALL the way through before beginning) and some nice little details. For example, it's not showing up too clearly in the pic above, but there is a very cute raised figure 8 detail that runs up the sides. Check it out:

Hopefully I'll get through this project in time to get a bit of wear out of it before the dog days of summer.

"zzz-huh? Dog day whats?"

I'm also swatching for a super-secret mystery project using some dyed Eco Wool I got on sale at Webs:

This stuff grew a LOT after washing. So far the swatch on the left is spot-on, but I will reserve judgment until both are completely dry.

I initially thought I would dye this yarn first, but now that Ii've seen it knit up, I might just leave it alone. We'll see. (But you haven't gotten rid of me yet, Lynne - I will definitely be dyeing its turquoise cousin, heheh.)

So that's the news on my side of the fence. Hope spring has sprung where you are!


Lynne said...

I want to come back as your pet in my next life!

I think you made the right decision. I just bought yarn to do the Feb. Sweater but was also having second thoughts. I think you made an excellent choice. I think I've found something else for my yarn too.

The lilac is lovely... but just think over dye with a Raspberry .. just saying. Turquoise eh? Want to darken just a hint - let's over dye with Gun Metal - trust me on this! We'll talk.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Yes, sometimes frogging is SUCH the right decision. Most times actually!

Lucia said...

Frogging is sort of like vomiting: nobody wants to, but you feel so much better afterward.

(All right, that's not the most tasteful simile, but I find it apt.)

(Woolapalooza was, and we hope will continue to be, at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA.)

(My verification string is esioless. Now where did I put that esio?)

Vivian said...

You always amaze me with the guts of ripping. I would have tossed it aside and pretend the dog ate it.

Frisky, what else can I say, you had me at the first nose.

Nichole said...

CUTE pup pics!

Kathy... said...

Such a cute photo of Frisky!

Sometimes frogging can cleanse the soul!