Monday, June 22, 2009

Escape from Manville, and a Tale of Two Sweaters

Right now I have a bit of downtime between two action-packed semesters and it seems like a good opportunity to crank out a sweater or two. My picks: Acer from the totally awesome Kirsten of Through the Loops, and Bernhardt, the totally awesome cardi from Twist Collective Summer 09.

I just had to run and cast on for Bernhardt as soon as I bought it (lurve that lace rib), but have decided to put in on the back burner and see if I can finish Acer before it gets to hot too knit with bulky yarn. (Assuming it ever actually gets hot around here, that is.)

Pattern: Acer
Yarn: Cascade Eco+ in Lavender
Needle: Size 9 29" circ (size 8 for cast on and row 1)

Though I’d LOVE an excuse to pick up some Peace Fleece, I’m going to be a good little recessionista and knit this one from my stash. After reading the comments on others’ projects, I casted on and knit the first row with a size 8 needle, then went up to a size 9.

This is going to be a quickie, I think. I got a nice jumpstart on it this weekend during some unexpected girl time. My mom had planned to spend the weekend in Ogunquit, and I decided at the last minute to tag along to escape the red meat/baseball/Golf Channel-saturated manfest that is Fathers Day at my house.

It was heavenly to get away, and we even managed to take advantage of the few sunny hours on Saturday to soak up some rays at the beach. Thanks, Mom :)

The only one who wasn't entirely thrilled about the weekend was Frisky, because in his heart, he really is a Ladies Man.

"ohhh, aren't they back yet?"


Vivian said...

Girls getaway sounds lovely! I need to do that some time too. Acer looks like a very cute quick project, will be perfect for the fall.

Frisky the Ladies Man, haha!!

Lucia said...

Very nice! Do you think it will ever be warm again? There are rumors of better weather coming; I'll believe it when I see it.

Sonya said...

We have all the summer heat here in Southern Indiana. It has been in the 90s for days now.

Kathy... said...

These are both really cute patterns! If I get back in a sweater mood....may have to give one a try.

Sofee always knew Frisky liked the ladies!!! :)

I'd gladly send you some of our 90 degree heat if I could.