Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Productive, I am

Project Update: SIL's Bag has FINALLY been knit, boiled, agitated (repeat) and now it's resting comfortably on a stack of Kashi cracker and rice boxes to dry. As the before picture indicates, it came out a bit squatty:

Interesting shape, especially with the wide striping, love the colors. Hopefully its short stature won't compromise its function; e.g. all SILs s*it falls out of it whenever she leans right or left. I'm looking forward to attaching the straps and seeing how that all shakes out. I finally bought some magnetic snap closures online, we'll see how those work out.

Hmm...what else? Took the family to the Museum of Science in Boston this weekend. Amazing how 6 hours can fly by, and everyone is still not ready to leave. We lifted 500 lbs with ease, controlled our own school of fish, fooled our eyes with optical illusions, and compared the planets in our own galaxy to the planets of Star Wars. We barely finished a corner of the building. I think this will be the year that we REALLY get our money's worth out of that membership; the kids are already mapping out our next visit.

Speaking of Star Wars, the kidlets have finally become interested...so Star Wars marathon we have had, as Yoda might say. Episodes 1-2-3 we have seen. Enjoy Episode 4, I will.

My small one has been complaining of the bitter cold. He even mentioned the phrase "ski mask," poor lil guy. Since my memory of these items involves having my head trapped in a damp, ice-encrusted mass of wool (especially around the edges of those openings in the face, ouch) I decided to whip up a little neck warmer that could be pulled up over his mouth and nose.

Version 1: Made from leftover hat stash. Too wide, too short, too thin. Child enjoys running around with it pulled up over his eyes, yelling "I can see through it!" Note the "design feature" in the center:

Version 2: Finished that evening in front of the tv. Much better fit, though it could be a few rows longer. It is also warmer as I knit it with two strands held together. Extremely fast to knit with the stockinette in the center, though a cable (or even just rib) would look even nicer. Child is pleased, and warm. My work here is done:

Next: Frisky's sweater and the big guy's ipod case!

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