Monday, March 05, 2007

Reflect, reassess, RIP

My snowbird parents came up from their winter hide-a-way to visit us this weekend! Kids and chihuahua were duly spoiled. A lovely weekend was had by all. Love you guys :)

This Lenten season seemed like a good time to come to terms with a little unfinished business in my life. As I abstain from peanut butter (kids chose our family sacrifice this year, he he)and try to abstain from new book and yarn expenditures, I review my in-progress knitting projects:

Unresolved Issue #1: The gorgeous but oh-so-not happening Deb Newton rectangular wrap from VK Fall 2005.

Since I don't have a cashmere budget (har) I purchased some Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in colorway Twig for this project. Loved the yarn, loved the color, but it was really sheddy...and, much as I love alpaca - yes, it's the poor girl's cashmere - I wasn't crazy about the idea of my clothes being covered with it.

So, I ripped that out and substituted some Plymouth Suri Merino (50/50 alpaca merino) in black:

But this is all the progress I'd made in over a year!! Turns out that knitting in black (even with this very soft and lovely yarn) is a pain in the arse for several reasons. For one, I can't see the stitches I'm knitting very clearly. For two, I can't see the pattern emerging as I knit.

Frustration + boring = frog.

Here's Plan B:

It's the Prudence Easy vest from A gal at SnB was working on the cabled version a few weeks ago, but I, um, have enough going on in that area already and definitely don't need the added funk of a ginormous cable. So, Easy it is. A wee bit boring with all the stockinette, but it's good soccer mom/tv/movie knitting. (Hello, spring kids sports season!) Also, I will definitely wear the finished product. Vests = good, more so after age 40.

Unresolved Issue #2: What to do with those, um, 14 skeins of Inca Alpaca that have been hanging around for as many months.

After a considerable amount of fondling and self-reflection, I've come to the conclusion that I can accept the sheddiness of the Inca Alpaca, I can! It's so soft and cushy! And I must not buy any new yarn till I use up some of my old! So off we go:

Word of caution: almost unbearable softness. Store in back seat of car while driving...

Hope my SnB buds had fun this weekend - with any luck I'll see y'all next time :)


Kathy said...

Good luck with the black! I can only imagine how difficult knitting with black would be. I have never tried me "chicken".

I like the vest pattern, but nix the cables - for sure! Plain is better sometimes. Anxious to see the finished project.


The_Add_Knitter said...

ha, ha , I love your mathematical knitting equation!! I also agree with alpaca as the poor knitter's cashmere, too funny!