Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Knitting and Flying Finches

Harry Potter madness overtook us on Friday. Hedwig was ready to go:

(My son, the 'realist' for whom I made the owl, learned a little about "artistic license" this week.)

And I am a bad, bad, Tour de France knitter because, in my quest to finish Hedwig and the duplicate stitching on a makeshift Weasley sweater for my other son, I had to jettison the Errol project altogether. But in the end, we had what we needed.

Throw in some party-store wigs, a lip-liner 'scar', and the Quidditch robe left over from Halloween last year and voila! You have yerself some Gryffindors! (Couldn't get daddy to be anybody, though I wanted him to be Lucius...or Snape lol.) We went to a local bookstore and hung in there till midnight. Fortunately we scored a decent lottery number and got a good place in line. We read the first chapter at home at 1 am and had an impromptu camp-out in the living room (i.e. everyone fell asleep in their seats). Good times...

So, my substitute Tour de France KAL goal is to finish as much of Einstein as I can:

It is so much less boring than I thought it would be :) I think it's because I love the yarns. And speaking of yarn, I hit the yarn market at a TKGA conference with my knit-bud Lynne last weekend. I picked up some great stuff that I can't show yet, but it was lots of fun. Yarn market - what a concept. Like a yarn crawl on steroids and without all the driving. Oh yeah :)

Notes from the Animal Kingdom

Our finch babies finally launched last weekend. The first one went off with mama and papa, who had been sitting atop the feeder for days peeping encouragingly and trying to coax them out. The second one watched, and hopped around for a while:

and then, soared!

Well, it actually kind of crash landed ungracefully into some small trees in our marsh, but you get the idea. Sibling number 3 stayed down low in the nest, watching all of this, and then suddenly jumped up and took off. Amazing! The kidlets got to see it too. We miss them a little but are very glad to have our front porch back.

Pet Tip of the Week: Every once in a while, have someone else wash your dog:

They come out so purty!


The_Add_Knitter said...

You have a marsh?? That is too cool, no wonder you have such interesting bird activity. Now if you can just get that owl to leave the other bids alone;)

My TdF project is so far behind, it's a joke!!

I love that your family did a Harry Potter camp out, that is so great.

Kathy said...

What great HP knits! Love them both. Hubby and I saw the movie yesterday - loved it. DD is reading the book, but will share with her 'rents when she is done.

Frisky does look quite dashing!! I'm not sure - Sofee a day at the doggie spa!! She's already wayyyyy to spoiled!