Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Fun and a Little Puppy Love

Summer Fun
Knitting, baseball, and beer - how fun is this?

Stitch and Pitch at a local minor league game. With everything going on that night I suspect a few of us spent some time tinking the next day, but that's a small price to pay for a fun evening out with friends.

Also saw HP5 last night. I loved it, but some of the people who saw it with us hadn't read the books and were utterly and completely lost. A few changes to the story line annoyed my kids, but we all agreed the effects were absolutely fantastic. Most importantly, this movie, even more than the previous ones is a fiber feast for the eyes. Oh, the sweaters! Oh, the fair-isle hats! My favorites:
-The hat and scarf set worn by Hermione in the scene on the bridge where the group is discussing where the DA should meet. Her hat has extra-long ribbing and is a nubby beige-y tweed. I must make this.
-The scarves knit by Mrs. Weasley for Fred and George. At least 6-7 feet long, fall colors in big chunky stripes with irregularly-cut fringe.
-Neville's zip-front cardigan. It looks like something straight off of brooklyntweed.

Puppy Love
Kathy recently wrote about the early life of her adorable chihuahua, Sofee, in a 2nd-birthday post that included some super-cute puppy pix. I thought I'd post some of Frisky, who also just turned 2, when he was but a pup.

He looked a lot like Bambi:

Sometimes it was hard to get him to eat and he would get lethargic, so we would hand-feed him a bit of a special high calorie paste, which he loved.
I couldn't wait to make him a sweater:

He eventually grew into, and then out of it, but it was good for the first winter anyway. The kids adored him, and still do, and the feeling is mutual. There really is something about kids and dogs:

He utterly cured my younger son of his dog phobia, for which we are all very grateful. The feeding, walking and playing they do each day is a great life lesson about compassion and responsibility. Especially when he has hidden one of every pair of sandals in the house.

And here is adult Frisky in today's gratuitous chihuahua shot:

Love you, pup.


Kathy said...

Oh! What a cute Frisky photo spread! He was an adorable puppie. Now a handsome young man! It is amazing how much they change and how fast they grow up.

Thanks for your comments on our blog. Whenever I do such silliness, I am worried as to how people will respond. I know I do go off the deep end sometimes.

Thanks for the HP info. We are hoping to see it this weekend. I'll be looking for all the lovely knits you describe.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Stitch n Pitch--love it, so fun!