Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Frenzy

Hey, long time no see :) I have been busy, busy, busy with my work and research. Also, the flu, blech, which I have now lovingly passed to my husband. And, with all of this in mind, and after much painful deliberation, I cancelled my room at Rhinebeck and crossed that trip off my to-do list. *le sigh*

Next year, for sure. Y'all have fun out there now, y'hear? Don't worry about me, I'll be okay! (sob!)

I have been doing some knitting. The scarf is a gift for a certain someone who is not much of a knitwear enthusiast, but who has been known to complain about the cold:

Excuse the wrinkliness; it's been rolled up in my purse. Just some moss stitch, twisted stitch, and a big fat cable, but I like the way it's coming out. The yarn is Moda Dea bamboo wool and I'm surprised at how much I like it, too. Very smooth and great stitch definition.

Also - carpal tunnels and other hurty-hand people take note: the needles on this bad boy are plastic! Kids needles by Lion Brand, from the local craft store. They are so plastic, in fact, that they are super-pliable, almost rubbery, with lots of give. Much easier on the joints. Unfortunately, though, they only come in straights and in size 7, 8, and 9. Plastique! Who knew?

Next is the Textured Baby Jacket:

It's getting there! Despite my sweater-phobia, I might actually finish this one. Geez, it's all wrinkly too. (Hmm, my purse is getting crowded.)


Lora said...

That scarf is pretty cool looking

Kathy said...

Nice to read a post from you. Hope you are over the "crud". Too bad about Rhinebeck. Bummer!

The scarf is very pretty - and the baby sweater look equally nice. I will look forward to seeing them all finished - yes even the sweater!!

bobbi said...

that red is so pretty, nice blue red.
thanks for the carpal tunnel note.
i'll keep that in mind.

Gigi said...

I feel you on the Rhinbeck thing. I'm here and feeling unwell. Hope to make it to the fair grounds tomorrow!!!

Nice knits. =-D

The_Add_Knitter said...

Love that scarf especially!!