Friday, June 27, 2008

Dogs and Knitting on Friday

"Welcome to Frisky's backyard wonderland."

"Sometimes I think I want to go out, but then I think I want to go back in..."

"...until something distracts me..."

" the sound of hoomans in that big water thing."

"Too many decisions."

On the knitting front, a quickie project gone awry. Sunday Market shawl, details on my Rav page. This one is a big UGH. Wrong kind of yarn: too slippery and way too much stretch. In the pic below I had actually ripped out quite a bit.

Frogged soon after the picture and repurposed as a Strangling Vines scarf. We'll see how that goes...the yarn is terrific, I'm determined to use it for something!


Cindy said...

The yarn is lovely. And, in or out? Too hard. Grover can never decide, either.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Ok Missus, I don't feel sorry for your lil knitting snafu because YOU HAVE A POOL!!!;)

Vivian said...

What little dog on what great big stairs! I used to get mad at our dogs for banging on the glass sliding door to get in and out, out and in, then in and out ... but they never stopped so I stopped getting mad.

Kathy said...

It must be a chihuahua thing...! I have decided the only thing better than a chihuahua is TWO chihuahuas. We have Herky while DD is in the hospital with BG. The two of them together -- double the hilarity!

Lynne said...

My cat does the exact same thing!

I liked your shawl/scarf...