Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thermis Done!

And it's a good thing, too -- it's freezing out!

Pattern: Thermis by Kristen Patay
Size: Smaller
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in Taupe
Needle: US size 6 circular
(Pajamas by Eddie Bauer, tee hee)

Love it! Such a great little pattern. I love the placket and the wood buttons. Speaking of which, what happens to wood buttons when you wash a garment - do you need to take them off? Inquiring minds want to know. The only discussion of this on Rav left me feeling vaguely uncertain, so please share if you know.

Turns out it fits hubs a little better than it fits me, so this one goes to him. The only thing I'll do differently when I make one for myself is to shorten up the bottom ribbing. Also, I think I'll do a different stretchy cast-off than the sewed one recommended in the pattern.

Also also, although it looks like I am sporting some kind of weird mullet in that photo, rest assured that I am not :)

And now for the local forecast, courtesy of Rasta Chihuahua:

"Too Cold, mon."


Rima said...

Oh, your thermis is cute!!

Lynne said...

I love it! and Rasta Chihuahua LOL!

Yes, you should remove the wooden buttons when you wash if you want them to stay nice. Or go ahead and wash until the buttons look bad and replace them at that time (my personal choice).

Vivian said...

Very interesting looking thing. I remember wearing something like that when I was in middle school and other kids thought it was part of my sweater.

And the ever so cute Frisky ... ahh

Kathy... said...

Thermes turned out really nice! Isn't it just amazing how much warmth something so small can provide??

Love the Frisky photo too.....

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Awesome Thermis, now I totally have to make one!!