Thursday, January 15, 2009

Working, lurking, knitting...

...yup, that pretty much sums it up.

I made a trip down to Salem, MA a few weeks ago and stopped at the local yarn/crack den, Seed Stitch Fine Yarn. Seriously - you cannot leave this place without at least an armful of something.

My mom, whom I'd dragged along for the ride, fell in love with the shop sample of the Soft Drawstring Pouch from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, done up in festive sparkly things, so of course I loaded up my basket (yarn specifics on rav).

And just like that, despite the onset of a raging case of new year startitis a lone project actually managed to complete itself:

This was a treat to knit - it's a little hard to photograph as the Holo Hoops yarn is pretty ba-blingy, but trust me, it is ever so cute. Those ladies at SSFY are so darn clever.

Also picked up a Pretty Cheep Bag. Tempting as it was to buy all three, I managed to restrain myself. This time, anyway.

Other items on the needles: (hope I'm not jinxing myself by posting them - a pattern seems to be developing whereby the moment I announce that I'm working on such-and-such a project, I immediately lose all interest in it...)

Transitions Yoke Cardigan in its infancy:

Also jumped on the utterly irresistible Thermis Neckwarmer bandwagon:

I found some cute natural-colored wood buttons for the top. This really should be done by now - hopefully I'll be wearing it next week.

And now, for the obligatory Frisky gallery. Here, he models his new "Heart breaker" t-shirt:

And here is proof that here is nothing smaller than a chihuahua on a very cold day. Hope you're staying warm, too ;)


Dianne said...

Frisky is too cute! He sure is a heartbreaker!

sophanne said...

I'm with you on the startitis- I gave Liza a bone with hopes to distract her from driving me crazy all day. I think I'm good for another 15 minutes.

Vivian said...

The bag is very cute, and looks fun to make too. Frisky is a heartbreaker indeed. What girl can keep herself together seeing those big googly eyes.

Nichole said...

Love the heartbreaker shirt!

I'm going to have to venture up to Salem and check out the shop!

Rima said...

I think I am in love with your pouch. It has all that bling, yet so very elegant.

Kathy... said...

The bag is so cute! Nice LYS's are so much fun! I must be out of the loop, as I missed that neckwarmer pattern totally....(off to Raverly...)

Is it just the camera angle, or is this a new "leaner, meaner" Frisky? Sofee is quite impressed - loves the Hunky look!

btw - with this latest cold spell, Sofee didn't do well at all with her paws. Instant icepaws. Do you have boots for Frisky? Does he tolerate them?