Sunday, May 24, 2009

Caught in the Act

For some time now I've been noticing that, for no apparent reason, one certain corner of the dining room tablecloth has been mussed up. Here's why:

"Oh she comes. Act natural."

Apparently, it all begins here in the chair by the window:

Stand up, and then it's just a short leap across to the table. Thinking about what would happen to those spindly little legs of his if he missed makes me a bit lightheaded. Luckily, he doesn't miss.

So, now that I know how, I have to wonder, "Why? Why does a chihuahua want to be on a dining room table?"

Some things are maybe not meant to be known.

In knitting news, here's my Buttercup still in progress.

I should be done by now, and I would be, if I hadn't had to rip the front lace section out THREE TIMES.

(I want to make clear that this is not the pattern's fault - it is entirely my fault for not paying attention. It is partly Frisky's fault for leaping around onto furniture in a dangerous and distracting way. It is partly my family's fault for expecting me to produce meals and know things and answer complicated questions like, "I left my ipod on your desk and now it's gone and where did you put it?" at times when I am trying to knit. But it is definitely not Heidi the designer's fault.)

But, no matter now, it's almost done. Really a cute pattern. Easy, too, if you can avoid being distracted by flying chihuahuas...


Julie said...

Oh Frisky, you are so busted my friend.

Vivian said...

Food, Mom, that's why. We usually just tell the dogs that they'd be served for dinner if they try too hard.

sophanne said...

To get to the other side.

Dianne said...

Awwww, he is so funny!

bobbi said...

can u trust a chihuahua?

Kathy... said...

Frisky, Frisky, Frisky.....

Well, perhaps he's just living up to his name.

Sofee is all a-twitter with admiration! Herky is a meddler, but Sofee is pretty much a "good girl"... LOL!

Lise said...

Isn't there sunshine on that corner of the table? I don't know about your part of the continent, but here in Eastern Ontario, we are still waiting for spring/summer warmth to arrive. I would lie on the sunny corner of a table too, if I could fit.
Thanks for visiting my Ravelry page, and for your kind comment.
Lise (marilise on Ravelry)