Monday, June 29, 2009

Cold Weather Sweater Frenzy!

Still knitting with bulky wool in June, you ask?

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I am. One advantage of being a knitter is the ability to find some small measure of enjoyment in a crappy, cold, wet summer. I am doing my best - but it ain't easy.

Finished the body and started the first sleeve on Acer. Love it!

Btw, the Cascade Eco+ is much softer than the regular Eco - much less rustic as well.

And, speaking of Eco, I finally found a button (at Ewe'll Love It) for the Eco Vest:

I lurve this pattern - the shaping is really, really nice. It will be very wearable come fall and I definitely see another one in my future.

Now, for my next project, I'm finding myself torn between two great patterns: Bernhardt (see below), which I've already begun, but barely, and the Mondo Cable Vest/Shell from Bonnie Marie Burns, which I would do up in DIC Classy as a vest, like this. Oh, decisions, decisions...

Is your head also spinning from all the new patterns out there?? I think maybe I just need to stop looking.

So, what are you working this summer? Do you keep knitting or take a break for the heat? Or do you change the things you knit?

And PS More sexy Baktus to come. (Take it to the bridge!)


Anonymous said...

Do I take a break for the heat? What is this thing you talk of - heat?
I knit all year long (even when we have an actual summer). Right now I'm working on socks and a big ole heavy sweater.

I love your Acer! I have that pattern in my queue, and I have that very same yarn (same color and everything). Hmmmm....

Lucia said...

Very nice! I usually knit socks and small things in the summer. I also spin while watching baseball.

Rima said...

I am loving your vest. Really loving it.

bobbi said...

love the vest and the button. the mondo cable vest looks beautiful in any color, but the Spring Tickle looks yummy.
stop knitting in summer, ru joking? LOL! socks are a winner for summer along with dishcloths.
keep on knitting!!!

Sourire11 said...

Love the vest!!! I can't handle big things in the summer. Usually I knit a bunch of socks and then by fall am so burned out on sock knitting I can't wait to start some big sweaters.