Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Painful Week

Those warnings you've heard about drinking around your computer? HEED THEM. In the midst of a crazily busy week (including dh away on business trip and multiple work projects due)I decided to unwind one evening with a little glass of pinot noir...a little too close to the laptop, but I'm always so careful...phone rings, I reach for it...kerplunk, splish splash, computer crash...*sigh*

The bad news? Extended warranty was up in October and the cost of fixing was roughly equal to the cost of a new low-end machine. Doh! The good news? I heart my new Gateway :) Which I can't afford. But I also can't do school or job without one.

So, what with all of the hassle of copying over the backed-up files, figuring out where they've hidden everything in Word 2007, and getting used to the Vista operating system (okay and playing around with wallpaper), not much knitting has gotten done.

I met up with some friends (hi Patrice) briefly the morning after "The Pinot Incident" and got a few rows done on the ripple afghan:

Then at an especially painful SnB (painful as in laughing until your insides hurt) on Sunday, I made some sock progress:

I love short rows but (as I've complained about before) I hate picking up the wraps. So my buddy Lynne mentions to me that she doesn't deal with those wraps at all. "Not at all?" I ask, my eyes wide with fear and awe. Nope, says she. So I take a deep breath, and just ignore those little buggers. Guess what? Fastest heel I've ever turned, and you can't even see the wraps - plus - *no holes*! I bow to you, goddess of sock heel.

And hey, you guys (Lynne, abby {who really needs a blog}, Naomi) - thanks for a hilarious afternoon :)

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Jen said...

I like the colors in your ripple afghan. Very retro - and I mean that in a good way.

I've always been in the "ignore the wraps" camp. I've never found that they made any visual impact in the knitting. The fuss about what to do with them has always mystified me.