Monday, May 21, 2007

Pilgrim's Progress

It's done! Ye olde 17th century Pilgrim cap from the pattern I bought at Plimouth Plantation. Yarn (also bought at PP) is Harrisville Highland wool, color=purple haze, made right here in New England.

Here's a closeup of the cuff, uncuffed:

The cuff design is very cool-looking and was fun to knit. It's not showing up very well here but it definitely pops. The yarn is fantastic, it feels very durable and the heathery tones of lavender with a bit of pink and grey are gorgeous.

More shots. I have never made a hat with this kind of shape at the top, but I really like it. The nubby little i-cord bump in the center is something I added because it just needed a lil something up there.

DH wants one now, in the same yarn but in a manly man color - of course. Since this one fits me pretty snugly I'll have to figure out how to accomodate his even bigger cranium; the cuff pattern is a multiple of 12 but I think adding 12 more stitches would make this too big. I'll probably try going up a needle size (used size 3s this time) instead.

Today's gratuitous chihuahua shot shows Frisky in love overload mode. Frisky's day: Morning: Sleep. One pm: Beg to go for a walk. (Don't take no for an answer.) Afternoon through evening: Get someone to throw ball endlessly for fetching, and to take outside for more walks. If unsuccessful, follow Mom constantly, staying as close as possible. Follow at her heels as she runs around the house. Sit on her whenever feasible, but if she's working, sit on sofa perpendicular to her desk and stare her down with misty eyes of love.

"I am silently willing you to snuggle with me, NOW. And while you're up, I could use a Greenie please."


Kathy said...

LOL! Frisky's day sounds identical to Sofee's day! Aren't they great communicators.

The hat looks terrific. I need to make some as Christmas gifts this year - a first for me. Hope I can find a pattern that is as nice.

The_Add_Knitter said...

LOVE the top--stylishly simple à la our founding fathers!!;)