Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bigger Than My Body... a song by John Mayer. It also seems to be a theme with my knitting, sigh.

Exhibit A: My much beloved raglan cardi

Looks okay here, yes? But after washing it has some *serious* issues with the bigness, especially under the arms, and seems to grow a bit more every time I put it on. I still love it, and will definitely wear it anyway, but really wish I had made it smaller to begin with.

Exhibit B: My eagerly awaited Breath of Fresh Air Vest

I am a vest girl and wear them often in the fall and winter. I had an uneasy feeling about this one, though, so I put it on waste yarn and - yup - too big. In a sacky, unflattering way. This one is now in hibernation (I am still in denial.)

I am all about comfy knits but this is ridiculous. I can't help wondering why I keep making the same sizing mistakes. I made a Drops vest in cotton this summer that suffers from the same issue, and I haven't even washed it yet, ook! Is it a faulty gauge ruler, evil yarn fairies, or maybe (insert dramatic music here) a negative body image?

We may never know for sure.

Rather than tackle the problem head-on, though, I've conveniently chosen to set an all-accessory agenda for myself for the next few months. Socks, scarves, wraps, hats - oh yeah, baby. I know how to make those fit!

Today I started the Campus Scarf in a heathered charcoal grey (no stripes) for a certain someone special, and am finishing a pair of Breeze for another someone special, and will probably continue on this path until about Christmas.

And next week: RHINEBECK! Can you hear the angels sing?!


Yarndude said...

I'm curious. Does "special someone No. 1" know about "special someone No. 2"?

I have also been on an accessory-themed journey for a while now. I just don't have the time or concentration to work on bigger things.

Kathy said...

Everyone should have that problem....having "too small" of a body! YIKES!!! What I would give..... LOL!

Vivian said...

My Mano sweater is pretty loose too, maybe that's because the yarn is a loose single spun. It's very very comfortable and actually holds the shape well. Hope you'll enjoy yours as much as I like mine.

Rima said...

NO matter what, that sweater looks really nice on you. It is all about knitting "character".