Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhinebeck, Part 2

Back at the hotel we made a group decision to skip the Ravelry party - we were pooped! The guys went for a swim and I worked on kid knits for the following day. I had brought a bunch of needles but not the ones I needed to finish the hat - luckily for me, size 6 + size 3 = size 9 :) Worked like a charm.

Here is the hat keeping a head warm at the Pumpkin Chucking.

The neck warmer, made with 3 strands of Cascade 220, was a ridiculously fast knit. I posted a pic on Rav but trust me, there's not much to see, lol.

I missed the Leaping Llama contest but did see llamas:

Here is a fellow flaunting his ribbon - sound like anyone you know, Heather?

The sheep herding trials were brilliant - those border collies are so incredibly intelligent and well-behaved. As for the sheep, well...they certainly were cute :)

The canine frisbee demonstrations were also a lot of fun. My normally "frugal," anti-consumerist husband was sufficiently impressed as to purchase a small dog frisbee for Frisky. (For those of you who may be concerned about Frisky's welfare over the weekend, rest assured that he was busy being spolied at his nana's house.)

I didn't buy much, just a skein each of Brooks Farms Acero and Mas Acero. My pics don't do it justice so Im not posting them here. I also bought this fingering wt cotton/flax to make some Reusable Produce Bags. (Cotton is surprisingly hard to find in this weight.)

Also got some sheepskin insoles (I definitely needed them in my rubber boots) and this nifty maple WPI gauge:

Also some weird discounted yarn that made me say "wtf" almost moments after purchase. Oh well, what's Rhinebeck without a little buyer's remorse? At least it was cheap :)

And that's that. Goodbye, Rhinebeck. See you next year!


Vivian said...

I can just live in the Brook's Farms booth at Stitches, that and Ellen's. The animals are so cute.

kv said...

i wanted to stay all day at brooks farms---still thinkingabout some of those yarns......oh, well, next year.

Kathy said...

I enjoyed both of your Rhinebeck posts! Thanks! We have a very small version here in Iowa, but it was canceled this year due to the flood. Nothing compared to Rhinebeck, but still - I was disappointed. Does Frisky like his frisbee? Sofee has a teeny tinny little ball that she allows us to throw for her sometimes. :)