Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm rushing around to get ready for a conference and a few days of R&R with the hubs. When did my house get so messy?! Where are all my #@!% clothes?!

Anyway, here's the project I'll be taking with me - it's about the only thing small enough to travel with me right now:

This is the Breath of Fresh Air Vest by Kim. As it happens, I love vests, and this is a cute one :) With all the books and mags out there I rarely purchase single patterns but I just couldn't pass this up. Love the clean lines and the ribbed sides. I converted to knit in the round and it's going very quickly.

I'd love to get this *and* my top-down cardi done before Ravelympics, but that's actually *really* unlikely to happen, knowing me :)

And now a quick DOT shot:

Online ID tag shopping with Frisky:

"Quick, pass me the credit card, Mom - I'll take one of each.

And yes, I do wear those pj's quite a bit ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer of Frog...and Dog

So far, my knitting this summer has been equal parts FO and FrOg. I've finished three items that I will actually wear (two cotton tank/vests and a wrap). I've also cast on several new things that I realized I would *never* wear, and so they have been (or soon will be) frogged.

I've also found myself reevaluating wips that have been sitting around for a while. Let's be honest: Most of the time, "sitting around for a while" is code for "this isn't working/isn't me/looks like crap/wrong yarn/wrong color/wrong pattern, but I'm just not ready to throw in the towel." I'm sure you know the feeling.

And so, in this spirit of realism (and desperate need to clean up my office) I've bitten the bullet and frogged two long-time "sitting around" projects. One, a feather and fan shawl in Manos del Uruguay, because I realized my needle size was wrong - that sucker was getting so stiff and heavy it could practically stand up on its own. (Note that this Manos has already been frogged from a different project :) ) The other, a top down turtleneck, because there is no way in hell that I will wear a wool turtleneck, ever. What was I thinking when I cast *that* thing on?

It's hard to let go, but I'm feeling good about emptying those project bags and returning reclaimed yarn to my stash. It'll become something nice, someday.

Now, onto the latest fo: The All-Star Shoulder Shawl, so named because it has been my mindless knit during my younger son's endless little league all-star games and practices this summer.

Pattern: The Maggie Shawl Pattern Generator by Lucia Liljegren
Yarn: Patons Grace (sport-wt mercerized cotton)in Tangelo colorway
Needle: 24" circ size 4
Mods: I sandwiched some stockinette panels amongst the garter to keep things interesting yet still mindless enough for spectator knitting. The panels are 8 rows stockinette between 6 rows (3 ridges) garter. I also omitted the shoulder shaping part of the pattern and the picot bindoff (looked too foofy with the stockinette stripes.)

Ordinarily this is not a yarn or a colorway that would interest me in the least. I don't know what possessed me. Maybe it's just this nice summery weather? I don't know. But I bought it and cast on immediately and didn't stop till it was done.

I'm *very* happy with the finished product (although I do hope it will grow just a bit with washing.) I will totally wear this with a white tee or blouse and khakis. Now, to find the right shawl pin...and cast on for either the February Lady Sweater or Laura Chau's top down raglan cardi :)

Now, about the dog...

Chi coverlet

The tedium of frogging led me to ponder some alternative uses for my beloved silk Della Q project bags.

Chi shawl

Chi super-cape

Chi kerchief

"Chi whiz, will you please go away and let me sleep??"

Stay cool!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unintentional Moebius

Although this project (Leaf Lace tank from Spring/Summer VK 2008) was not actually written to be knit in the round, I am well acquainted with the general knitting admonishment to "join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches."

...being careful not to twist stitches...not to twist stitches...

Let this be a reminder to us all: The wine comes after the cast on.

In the spirit of the 4th of July weekend, I'll leave you with a gratuitous chihuahua-on-vacation shot:

"Hoomans: The only way to travel!"