Monday, November 06, 2006

Had it with Halloween?

So has this guy; check him out.

Progress on both the stripey socks and the pink felted bag; the Einstein Coat, not so much. I have to sit down and apply myself to the learning of the damn crochet cast-on, which I have convinced myself looks like something I don't want to learn, yet I must.

SnB yesterday was fun, as per usual. There was a whole lot of Knitty going on, with Naomi working a square for the gorgeous Lizard Ridge afghan and abby making Anouk. Both were using the yarns called for in the patterns - a totally yummy shade of Kuryeon for the afghan and the surprisingly soft Cascade Pima Tencel for Anouk. (What is a Tencel, anyway?)

One idea that got bounced around was the whole project rotation thing that's been going around the blogs. For example Kat's been trying out a system of working through a list of projects, item by item, by spending a specific number of hours per item before moving to the next. The idea is that stuff gets done but you don't get bored. I have seen other takes on this idea as well.

I could probably use a little of that self-discipline, but alas, I seem to be stuck in attention deficit knitting mode. Perhaps this rotation idea could be a New Year's Resolution? That, and knitting more purple things for myself.

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witchpoo said...

Crochet cast on is easy peasy - I'll show you next week. Sorry I couldn't make it up there yesterday. DD informed me late Saturday that she had to build a model trebuchet for Monday morning!