Sunday, November 12, 2006

Knit Happens

There's a whole lot of the knit stitch going on at the moment. The Magic Stripes socks for ds have a stockinette foot:


(Note the utter lack of coherence in the striping. I looked and rolled and unrolled and rerolled but I could not find a closer repeat than what you see here. This hasn't been my experience with another MS colorway, lumberjack black; however, the child for whom these are intended is a big fan of anything whacky. I'm sure he'll appreciate these.)

Next up - felted bag for my niece, also knitted in the round:


I'm loving the girly colors and might throw in one more, possibly a variegated. I love how fast this project goes.

And the Einstein swatch, crochet cast-on mastered courtesy of my friend Lynne:


MAN is garter stitch boring. I hope I have the oomph to get this project done! It's probably not a good sign that I am feeling this way after 20 rows of swatch, hmm :) I may have to have a backup project in the wings - this Manos is too pretty to sit in a project bag for long.

To break up the monotony of plain knit I have been working on the Vogue Fall '05 shawl, which has a repeat of 30 rows that takes a wee bit of concentration. I thought people were perhaps exaggerating the difficulties of knitting with black yarn, but I am finding that it really does require good to excellent lighting. Progress is not exciting enough yet to show here, but some has been made nonetheless.

My other project has been designing a new header for this blog. I put something together and have been playing with code but don't quite have it figured out just yet. Soon, though.


kathy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the well wishes for DH.

Your Frisky is so cute!

Thanks also for posting about "Knitting Unto Others". I joined. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Lynne aka witchypoo said...

you would think just knitting garter stitch with Malibrigo would be enough wouldn't you?