Monday, November 20, 2006

KUO - One down, ?? to go...

I finished a hat for the Knit Unto Others KAL:


I used the "basic hat" pattern from Knitting for Peace, a simple roll brim affair. Having not made a hat like this before, I'm impressed with how comfortable it is to wear, and how versatile it is to be able to roll the brim up or down over the ears. Ribbing really is overrated, isn't it?

The plain knit was very boring, but luckily I had a lot of kid events this weekend where I could sit and knit and chat without worrying about messing up. I even got a bunch done in the car (passenger seat!!) while doing errands with dh - in the dark. Ah, the beauty of plain knit :) The yarn is Wool-Ease because I got a bunch at the craft store for just under $2 a skein, each one enough to make a whole hat plus leftovers. The 20% wool gives it a decent feel, and it is machine wash and dry, so no worries. I decided to knit for adults, men in particular, because among the needy this group often gets low priority.

Next in line is a cabled hat in a beautiful shade of cranberry.

Margene and Carole, if you are listening, I am loving this project. I always celebrating Thanksgiving with my in-laws who come from out-of-town, and while we're together we also exchange Christmas gifts. Although my shopping for them is usually done early, I am always so tempted to buy or knit "just one more thing" for them, as if this somehow would make the holiday that much nicer or more meaningful. This year, KUO is my way of adding meaning to the holiday. Rather than getting yet more stuff for those lucky enough to truly need none of it, I can throw myself into "just one more" mode in a way that will actually do some good for someone. So thank you :)

Check out this link for even more warm-and-fuzzy-ness, Mutts style (Caution: extreme cuteness will ensue).

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The_Add_Knitter said...

I love that Knitting for Peace book, so many interesting and inspiring projects. I agree that ribbing is overrated! It's so tedious! Your hat looks great, btw. Happy Thanksgiving!