Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dogs, snow, and knits on Thursday

We got a little more snow today. Another day off for the kids, and for me, an excuse to drink hot chocolate and knit like a mofo.

"You want me to do what? Out there?"


My Christmas knitting scheme has completely fallen apart, but I am okay with this. Maybe because the same thing happens every year? I don't know, but here's what I finished the last few days:

Teacher Scarf 1:

Based on the Spring Butterflies dishcloth pattern - I just halved the pattern (CO 25 st), did 2-1/2 repeats, a whole bunch of garter, then 2-1/2 more repeats. I used just a little over one skein of Paton's Classic Merino and it was a super fast knit, about 72". I love the way it looks on - the garter looks so organic.

Teacher Scarf #2:

Just one skein of Malabrigo makes a 59" scarf. This gorgeous pattern is very fast, and totally easy to memorize. And heavenly soft in the Malabrigo, but you already knew that :)

Desperation Dishcloths

What can I say? A last ditch effort to produce yet a few more gifts! Trying to get a small stack of these (though a stack may end up meaning "two") made for my cousin. Random patterns, Christmas colors.

After this I have about half a loafer and one neckwarmer left to knit and that's it for the gifts. Oh, a a few more teeny tiny mittens, now that I found some teeny tiny clothespins to clip on them - cute cute!

Hope you are surviving the holiday knit countdown too!


Cindy said...

Our snow is almost gone. We now have fog. As for the Christmas knitting? My last gift is about 1/4 done and I will be wrapping the whole thing (including yarn). When it's opened I'll grab it back to finish it (mittens).

Kat with a K said...

I'm... surviving, yes. Still hopeful about finishing. We'll see.

Vivian said...

Frisk looks so cute in the little jacket. Hope he gets to take care of his business without too much trouble. How I long for a good snow!

bobbi said...

great idea for teachers gifts