Thursday, December 13, 2007

What else? Dogs on Thursday!

Big man, small dog. Some men have a "thing" about little dogs not being cool. Luckily, my husband is not among these:

(You know you blog too much when your husband sees a picture of himself with his head ineptly cut off and remarks, "There's a good one for your blog.")

I've also heard that some little dogs have a "thing" about men. Clearly not the case here:

Napping with Dad.

With one exception - don't try to come between Frisky and Mom or you will SO feel the wrath of chihuahua!



Dianne said...

I love the way his little hands are crossed in that second picture. So sweet!

sophanne said...

I also have a BIG MAN small dog photo at the end of this post

Any advice on sharp-nailed puppies? Ours are starting to feel lethal.

Vivian said...

I thought you purposefully left your man faceless to help him remain anonymous, among all these women with sharp instrument. My husband loves little dogs too.

CynicalGal said...

That's a little pooch with BIG personality. So sweet, the pic of sleeping doggie.