Saturday, December 29, 2007

Knitting as Sanity

Still feeling miserable :( Thank you for your kind wishes. I'm having a procedure done on Monday that is *supposed* to help, so we shall see. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On the bright side, while I did miss a few holiday get-togethers, I have spent a lot of quality time with family. Also, have been treating pjs as outerwear - I highly recommend this. And, importantly, rekindling some very close friendships with my pals, addi and Clover ;)

Other than whining and mindlessly trolling Ravelry, here's what I've accomplished this week:

1) Redo of last December's Calorimetry, only with a new skein of 127 Print purchased for me by hubby. The tan one is the newer, smaller version:

Mods: Cast on 100 st, size 6 needle, 9 repeats of Row 5. This time was the charm - it's a perfect fit. New plan is to rip out the red one for the SECOND time and reknit it with these specs.

2) Rip out Textured Baby Jacket (Lois Dakin) and repurpose yarn as a Personalized Baby Blanket (Erika Knight) for dh's cousin's new baby girl:

Nice yarn for a blankie, soft and washable. Pretty sheen to it too.

3) Continue making Christmas dishcloths, only now it's for next Christmas :) I'm thinking it would be nice to bundle these in 3s for small gifts:

So, I got the teacher scarves done, but the backpack, afghan, and loafers have been bumped up to the next holiday. Under the circumstances, I'm okay with this outcome. And who am I kidding - that afghan twarn't happening any time this year anyway hehe.


Kathy said...


Life has gotten in the way of blog reading, and I am just now trying to get caught up. So surprised, and saddened, to hear that you have been in the hospital. Hope you are on the mend....and wish you a speedy recovery. I am glad that you were home in time for Christmas at least!

Frisky's photo is darling. Sofee sends wiggles his way.

Take't overdue....and hope you have a nice New Years!

Jack said...

I hope Monday goes well for you and puts you on the road to recovery. At least you have filled your pajama-clad days with some quality needle work. ;)

Vivian said...

So sorry to hear about your ailment! Hope the procedure tomorrow will help, at least make you feel better.

The red Calorimetry looks like a smile :-) It seems to be an easy pattern, I added it to my queue on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

"my friends addi and Clover." I love that! I do hope you are on the mend soon.