Friday, October 13, 2006

Fall Butterflies and This Season's Chihuahua Wear

In all my years of planting fall mums, I have never seen anything like what we've had this year in terms of butterflies. Has anyone else noticed it?? Sometimes, there are as many as 4 or 5 on one plant! Always, they are monarchs. Is something going on in the world of nature that I should know about? (Probably, as I know so very little...)

This guy is the only one brave enough to let me take his picture:

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This guy would like to eat THAT guy, but can't jump high enough:

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(How cute is he in his little warm-up jacket?? That was a gift from his non-knitting auntie.)

Funny thing noted on younger child's homework sentences: instead of "Yu-Gi-Oh cards" he wrote "Yu-Gi-Ho cards". Yu-Gi-Ho. Tee-hee. Sometimes it is so hard not to laugh, especially when older child yells it out loud.

FOs later, I promise!!


Anonymous said...

I know my son's elementary school has been raising and releasing monarch butterflies the past couple of years. When he was in preschool the preschool did the same thing. It could be more than just those two schools in our wonderful city. Butterflies, ducks, and chicks have all been raised in his elementary school the past few years. Of course only the butterflies are released outside the school. The ducks and chicks go to farms in the area.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to sign my post about the butterflies!