Sunday, October 22, 2006

Need Help With Bag Closure

Hello again - I forgot to ask - if anyone out there is reading this, do you have any ideas for bag closures? Most of the people I make these for don't knit so they have this funny idea that the top of the bag should stay closed :)

Magnetic, button, snap? What to use? Anyone have an opinion?


The_Add_Knitter said...

I say go the snap route, that seems the easiest...and I LOVE your felted bag!!

Jennifer said...

Thank you :) !

witchypoo said...

I like the magnetic closure and I usually put a button over it to hide the clips that hold the magnet on.

kathy said...

Kathy from Iowa here! Nice to have you drop by my blog. Come back anytime! Your Frisky is a cutie for sure! Aren't Chihuahua's such sweet little creatures!!

You asked where I had gotten my wooden sock blockers. Do a search for "Chappy" on Ebay. She has several designs - actually lots of knitting stuff. My DH got them for me, but that was the vendor.

Your knitting is gorgeous. I need to get out of the sock rut. Perhaps a felted bag someday.... Hmmm