Sunday, February 11, 2007

Almost done!

Today was an SnB day (aka "sanity.") Lynne was there, working on an amazing shawl, and newbie Eleanor (blogless, as far as I know) who brought her aunt. I made lots of progress on Frisky's sweater, and, after a much needed bath...

...we had a fitting:

Just the ribbing on the body and sleeves and this project will be a done deal!

Now, while I know a lot of you out there are swearing off more yarn purchases, I have been addressing my (ahem) minor book-buying issues. I seem to have especially serious issues with the colonial history, knitting, children's, knitting, and knitting categories. (Let's face it, there's only so much you can justify as "dissertation resource" or "teaching aid.")

Like the KFYS'ers, though, I feel that it's only reasonable to set some parameters on this endeavor. What if some emergency comes up, like I have a skein left at the end of a project? That's why I'm thinking I might have to make this one exception...

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