Monday, February 19, 2007

Winter Wonderland

It's been quite a lovely week around here. First we had a snowstorm - with actual, real snow. Fun for all, except Frisky, who lasted about 90 seconds:

"Too dangerous, people - it's a blizzard out here, for the love of Pete! Turn back, I tell you, turn back!"

"Not. gonna. make it. Need chewbone, and (gasp!) fireplace, oooooooohhhh."

And we had loverly flowers:

And there has been some knitting, and even some crochet:
Colinette Jitterbug kid socks:

Ripple afghan in Dale Falk:

Today we ventured out early so the little one could finish painting scenery with the rest of his DI team. Since then, though, we're enjoying a relaxing day at home, trying to figure out what exactly to do with the 50-odd egg cartons we've saved up and which dvd to watch. Decisions, decisions...


Lora said...

Hey there! It was great seeing you Sunday!! Hope to catch up with you soon again and knit!!

The_Add_Knitter said...

My daughters say that you should make a jewelry box with the egg cartons...LOVE the Colinette and that little pup is quite a doll!