Thursday, August 02, 2007


My first Breeze:

Kudos to Jennifer Appleby! This is a beautiful pattern and - even better - beautifully written.

Yarn: Mondial Cashmere Gold (discontinued, no idea why, it's lovely.)
Needles: US size 2 dpns
Modifications: The small size (meant for size 5-6) ended up being a good fit for my size 7 foot, and I worked 30 rows for the heel instead of the recommended 34. (I think <Kathy needed to do the same on her heel; check out her lovely purple pair here.)

If I can find something comparable in a cashmere blend I'll definitely make some more of these. Right now I have to finish the mate to this one, hopefully this weekend.

BTW, the yarn for the project came from frogging these:

Pretty Comfy Sock - great pattern, and my first-ever short-row heel, I just ran out of yarn. I just might make these again (but, duh, with adequate yardage.)

This little FO makes me feel a little better about having missed the Yarn Harlot in Burlington, MA, this evening :) Hmm..not really, lol. But it is nice to get something done!


Lora said...

OH RED!! Very pretty!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Your Breeze footsies are so cute, nice work!

Kathy said...

Glad you enjoyed knitting your "Breeze" anklets. They are beautiful. Bet you will enjoy wearing them too! Nice to have a great pattern that can use up some of those single 50g skeins we all have. I really like mine out of Louet Gems. Not as soft as your cashmere,I am sure, but still very nice.

Patrice said...

Great cashmere socks!

bobbi said...

Great looking "Breeze".
Debbie Bliss makes a great cashmere blend, called "Baby cashmerino" I've made a few pairs of socks with it and it's wonderful.