Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer's End...

I’m back from vacation and rushing around to get ready for the upcoming semester. The kids went back to school today and I’ll admit I was a bit stunned when the bus actually showed up – it doesn’t seem possible that summer is already over. We had a fantastic few months around here and it’s a bit sad to see it end, though the school year always brings exciting new things to look forward to. It’s the pace of summer that I really enjoy, I guess – that and having more time to just hang out with the kids.

In any case, I have a few FOs to show. It’s vacation knitting, mostly, little things that didn’t require too much concentration:

Cashmerino nap mat for Frisky:

Cute washcloth for a friend:

Another cute washcloth, also for friend:

And one WIP: Redo of my son’s socks – hopefully for the last time!

My niece LOVED her felted bag (and the Uglydoll I put inside it.) It was hilarious to see her galloping down the beach on a hot summer’s day in her bikini with this felted wool bag hanging around her neck and the Uglydoll’s head peeking out. Ah, to be 8 again. Also, one of her brothers has decided that if I can make his sister a felted purse, I can certainly make him a felted knapsack. Any pattern suggestions would be most welcome!

So, between now and Christmas I have to apply myself to several pairs of socks, the remaining Breeze, and the ripple afghan. And probably a scarf or two. And maybe a knapsack. Oh, and a baby gift. And I'd like to finish Einstein in the next month or so. That’s the plan, anyway, until I get distracted by something new ;) Or until reality sets in.

And now, my Ravelry update:
You signed up on July 20, 2007
You are #18983 on the list.
8296 people are ahead of you in line.
10436 people are behind you in line.
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The_Add_Knitter said...

Don't fret about Ravelry! They're getting new servers and will be adding thousands of people very soon!!

bobbi said...

great looking projects on your needles
I'm into dishcloths, some of them are way too cute.

sophanne said...

I'm laughing at myself running around town in this heat with my giant felted bag!

I think teachers are equally surprised when the buses actually show up!

SleepyEyes said...

Hi Jennifer! Great to see you last night! I love the washcloths you made and your son's socks are coming out great!