Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dogs on Thursday (Oh, and a Lunar Eclipse)

Frisky is a lap dog in the literal sense of the word. As soon as my behind hits a horizontal surface, thwunk, there he is.

The funniest thing about this picture (aside from the the cellulite, sorry about that) is the story on the back page. Do you think maybe Frisk was trying to read it? It wouldn't surprise me.

Edited to add: If you like dogs and want a giggle, go check this out. The music completes it.

Also this week, we woke the kids up at 5 am on the first day of school to see this:

Lunar eclipse! It was so cool. We sat on the back porch wrapped in blankets and watched the whole show.


Nichole said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! What a cute lapdog you have!

sophanne said...

The dog reading the back of the paper makes me laugh.

Sometimes I wonder if Annabelle the cat hops up to the computer to see the I Can Has Cheezburger cat pix.

Kathy said...

Sofee is the same way. I will never forget on the first day of puppy kindergarten. The instructor was going around the room, talking about what each breed was bred to do. (I think she was trying to make some sense out of the crazy antics of some of the bird-dogs). Anyway, she got to Sofee (who was laying on my lap, very content...just waiting to get the show on the road). The instructor said "she is doing exactly what she is supposed to do!" Chi's - they do it best!

Paula said...

Elise only thinks she is a lap dog but her 50 lbs. of basset butt keeps her from being in our laps for long.
Your Frisky is sure a cutie!
Maybe he is reading the paper or just looking at the pictures! :)