Friday, November 23, 2007

Four Words...

...seamless top down raglan! After years of not being a "sweater knitter" I'm convinced this is my sweater salvation. Now granted, my red one is temporarily on hold due to holiday knitting, but at 70% done it's the closest I've come to finishing a sweater in years. And look! A real live baby sweater:

Unblocked, and a bit washed out by the sun. It's actually a celery green.

Knitted in about a day for my overdue neighbor. Check out the pattern here, and my mods on Ravelry. So easy!

Jacki has also just come up with a version for bulky yarn, shaped even more like a tiny Japanese kimono. Cute overload! I may have to keep this top-down raglan vibe going - my husband's cousin just had a baby girl and I'd love to whip up one of these in lavender.

Next up: I'm casting on for a Malabrigo pattern that I can't blog about (but I'm posting the details on Ravelry) and the felted backpack. Also, the men's neckwarmer man-ia continues, see below. Holiday knitting, ho!

Note artful staging featuring "manly" colored backdrop. Brown yarn is Misti Alpaca Chunky, green is Malabrigo Chunky in Olive. Man alive, this is a quick project!


Dianne said...

Love the baby sweater. I can't believe you finished it in just one day - WOW! I added it to my queue in Ravelry - and added you as a friend!

bobbi said...

boy oh boy you are a fast knitter

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

I am in total agreement! Top down and seamless is the only way! "Knitting Pure & Simple" has great top down patterns. I've found a couple of good ones on Knitty too. Your baby sweater is adorable.