Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's Starting to Look Like Something!

Looks a little like an actual sweater, yippee! Keep your fingers crossed for me. It's been a long time since I actually finished a sweater - 3 years - and that one ended very badly. Ook. Before that, it was about 20 years. So finishing would be good.

The multidirectional scarf is also growing, and I still love the pattern:

Next in the queue is this:

Also from Knitting in No Time, it's knit side-to-side in one piece. With this:

Isn't he cute?! He also came to me from England, all 400 grams of him. He's so big he needs his own chair! Yo Yo: I adore you (even though you are acrylic.) Apparently, one of him is enough to make the whole sweater!

In the "Any Minute Now" queue is this quickie shawl I'm crocheting for my mother's elderly cousin:

She is in a nursing home and is always cold.

I also knitted her a fluffy little scarf which she's hopefully received by now. It's so nice to knit for people who really need it :) Speaking of which - is it Knit Unto Others Time yet?

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