Friday, November 02, 2007


Good heavens, I think maybe I have posted every day this week! Extreme work avoidance - great for the blog, yes?

If you like to knit mittens or gloves and are looking for something new, run, don't walk, to Kathy's blog to see her fabulous glittens pattern! Be sure to check out the pictorial, and scroll all the way down to see the gauntlet version. Great job, Kathy! The chihuahua is pretty cute too :)


Kathy said...

Ohhhhhh - Thanks Jennifer! You are all too kind! (Sofee has some new winter duds, btw.)

CynicalGal said...

I'm going to check it out! I love to make mittens. How fun.

bobbi said...

Kathy is something else isn't she. I swear she is up knitting 24/7, i'm sure of it.

Lucia said...

Those are brilliant, as I just told Kathy.

Did you comment on my blog yesterday? Blogger won't tell me who you (or possibly not you) are.