Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Crazytown, USA

Okay, people, it's April 4th already:

Enough with the snow.

No knitting. Tiny amounts of ripple crochet. Much stressing and working. Thank God for chocolate. And for this:

Chihuahua salt and pepper shakers with magnets in their noses that make them kiss. Hehe. Only my mother knows where to find such things.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes I hear you with the declaration of 'enough snow already' . Grrr!

Maybe you're right--I'll look into the whole chihuahua thing!;)

Deenz said...

OMG...any chance your mom can let me know where she got those salt & pepper shakers? I know someone who would ADORE these for her birthday (and she could use the smiles!). Thanks!

Jennifer said...

She got them at a little mom n pop shop in South Florida, but I found them online at (Wouldn't you know - there's a salt and pepper dot com lol) They have all breeds of dogs