Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Days are Here Again!

The sun is shining, the semester is almost over, and I've just sent off a ginormous paper to my committee. Whee! I feel giddy, especially about the sun.

Also, for all my fellow New Englanders, the Yarn Harlot tour is coming to (near?) Webs in Northampton, MA on May 30. Webs is a giant yarn warehouse-type store that I've been dying to get to. What a perfect excuse. I am so there, along with a few knitting buds, and ready to break the bank on impulse purchases (and some pre-meditated ones) ;)

About the only knitting this week has been a teensy bit of progress on the ribbing for Aran Fields, and a teensy sample of cable knitting for Boy #1's genealogy project at school. (Sure 'n the DH has a bit o' the Irish in him. I just do the knitting.) But with the semester nearly over I can forsee a lot more knitting in the very near future. Yay, knitting! Go, me!

Today's gratuitous chihuahua shot features my nephew's Flat Stanley,who recently mailed himself here for a visit. (Mailing ones' self around is apparently one of the advantages of being flat.) Those of you who've recently had or known a 2nd grader will probably recognize him. Hoo-boy is he having some wild times here. There will be a lot to write in his journal, let me tell you:

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The_Add_Knitter said...

Did you ever see the picture of Flat Stanley at the Academy Awards with Clint Eastwod? It was hiarious...

Love Webs, have a ball!!