Friday, April 06, 2007

A Few Words about Gauge

When I was a brand-new knitter I was bold and adventuresome. My first project? Why a sweater, of course. I bought the pattern, the size 3 and size 5 needles, and a whole mess o' yarn. Acrylic, heavy worsted yarn from the 5 and 10. On size 3s and size 5s.

"To save time, check gauge."

Gauge? What's that? Did I care? Ha! I cared not. For that would mean Not Beginning Immediately, and damnit, I had a sweater to make.

20 years later, that sweater looks just as bad, and weighs just as much, as it did the day it was finished. I keep it as a testament to the importance of Gauge. (Not to mention common sense, but that's a whole other issue.) Behold and fear ye the awesome power of GAUGE!!

Can you say, "1985?"

In other news, yesterday's snow day was followed by today's "staffing issue" day, which means an unexpected 4-day weekend for my kids. Yikes! I love having them home, but they are so not conducive to me getting work done. However, knitting is something that can happen, and so it has:

Front of Prudence blocking comfortably in the living room. (Measured, patted into place, remeasured, and pinned.) I patted as best I could but it's still about 1/2" too long in the body and 1/4" too long in the armhole. I can live with a wee bit too long, though.

Back of Prudence is back OTN, an inch longer, and ready for the shoulder shaping. (Will you look at those Addis sparkle!)

Now for some bread machine pizza and several thousand hands of rummy, with perhaps a game of Sorry thrown in. Is it Monday yet??

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The_Add_Knitter said...

Oh man, I have severely burned by gauge on more than one occasion! I seem to never learn my lesson on that one...

Prudence looks great and 1/2 inch is nothing to worry about. Love the color!

Ahh, yes, snow days. It's impossible to get anything accomplished with those tykes underfoot!;)