Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hope! And Lots of Droning about Other Stuff...

There might still be hope for Webs! Stay tuned! I will say this - the owners are really trying to accomodate. Regardless of the outcome I am really happy with their response to the groupie dilemma.

Now I'll have to buy even MORE yarn when I get out there! You know, just to show appreciation and all ;)

I am loving Aran Fields. It's going faster than I expected and I love working with alpaca, it's sooo soft. I'll try to post a picture later this weekend.

Not only is it officially spring (according to the calendar and the weather) but my house is now sparkling from a thorough spring cleaning! It smells so good in here. I even did those cleaning things I never do, like polish the marble on the fireplace surround and dust the chair rail in the dining room. It's nice to have some time to feel like a person again! And a husband who is fresh from a weeklong conference/golf-fest at Disney and ready to "help out" with the cleaning (grr). And ALL the windows open, hooray!

No one was safe from the cleaning frenzy today, even Boy #2 who would prefer almost anything to cleaning. Now all we have to do is the basement, which we'll probably accomplish while watching a movie to distract us from the tedium of sorting a bazillion legos back into their bins and putting cds back into their cases. (Lest you think I am a maniacal neat freak, it is not I who insist on keeping the legos sorted. The boys took a robotics class last year and were so impressed with the way the place had all the legos sorted into drawers by color and function that they asked for drawers and spent a whole day sorting. So now they are the maniacal neat freaks. The apples don't fall far from the tree though, lol.)

God, this is a boring post. Hopefully, though, my feelings of euphoria at the glorious spring weather, clean house, alpaca + fun pattern, and hopes of seeing the Harlot will spread a little joy into the blogosphere! (Or maybe it's just the fumes from all those cleaning supplies...?)

Hope you're having a great day too!


The_Add_Knitter said...

I am currently reading blogs taking a break from all of MY maniacal spring cleaning, whew! I've thrown out 4 garbage bags of the kids' crap b/c they're out with my husband right now, I'm even throwing his stuff out, too! hehe

Kathy said...

Hope the Webs challenge works out! I would love to go, so buy a skein or two in memory of me!!

I know what you mean - I love clean, fresh newly opened windows each spring.