Monday, December 18, 2006

Crazy, crazy, crazy...

Great weekend:
1. dh's work Holiday party on Friday night. Bonus: night in hotel room sans kids. Downside: sore from too much "80's dancing" (don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.)

2. a totally chill-out Saturday with the kids, reading lots of Harry Potter and doing this cool thing, which I highly, highly recommend as a fun and challenging family project. No errands, no work.

3. get-together with family. My brother and his brood (4 kids!) came in later than expected, so we didn't have much time (we had an evening thing at church.) My niece told my mom that "Aunt Jenny's house is my favorite place in the world." Much giggling was done by all children, including mine - cousin giggling is always music to my ears. They are all such great pals. (The only downside here was missing cookies with Lynne and the girls - I miss you guys!!)

4. ds's were each asked to do a reading at the Lessons and Carols candlelight service at our church. So earnest and beautiful, they made me cry. Bonus: spaghetti supper at long tables with friends.

Project update: The malabrigo IHS that I was making for my brother wasn't quite finished, and rather than blow a gasket - as is usually my way - I (surprisingly) opted, calmly, to give him the silk cashmere scarf instead. I didn't cry or obsess or anything. Now, the IHS will go to dh, who loves it.

So, the house is clean, I turned in all my students' grades this morning, and I have close to a week free to finish socks for ds, scarf for dh, and hats for both sons. Let the race begin!

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witchpoo said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. We missed you too, especially the sugar cookies!