Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Little Holiday Decorating...

Finally getting the tree and decorations up! Refusing to stress over what doesn't get decorated!

Tree - check
Outside lights - check
Garlands and swags - check
Blog - check
Everything else - not so much

On the knitting front: my brother and his family have chosen to celebrate Christmas with us next weekend. After shuffling mine and dh's plans, I realized that this also means gifts will have to be ready by next weekend. ook!

The My So-Called Scarf that has been languishing on my Progress-O-Meter was intended for my hasn't gotten done because the pattern, though beautiful, was just not holding my interest. (I don't want to talk anyone out of it though, it's an amazing pattern! Go on and have a look for yourself!) Yesterday I ripped it out and started another Irish Hiking Scarf instead.

I wasn't sure how cables would look in Malabrigo. It's so soft and airy, I was totally skeptical about stitch definition, which of course is crucial for cables. Glad I tried it, though, because YOWZA is it gorgeous. The subtle color variations of the Malabrigo that pooled in an unappealing way on the MSCS are playing out beautifully on the IHS. What a difference a pattern makes. And the cables, as g-girl puts it, are "pop-o-licious". Yeah, baby!!

Pictures later...

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