Wednesday, December 06, 2006

KUO Hats Done!

I finally finished hat #5 from the KUO project. Now I just need to wash them (damn dog hair - it's everywhere)and bring them downtown.

Christmas knitting:
-afghan for my parents (actually this is crochet. I'm using dk! What was I thinking,listening to that pattern!! It will take forever...)
-socks for DS #1
-hats for both DSs
-scarf for my brother

Note that the afghan is the only item from my Project-O-Meter. That other stuff is waaay off the radar right now! I'm not even sure about my niece's bag - I've gotten her some American Girl Doll stuff so I don't really need the bag for Christmas. Maybe Valentine's Day...or just surprise her with it on some non-holiday.

Is holiday knitting stress just a fact of life? It seems no matter how early I start, I find things getting down to the wire come December. I think the problem is that instead of enjoying the fact of being done early, I simply add more projects hence undoing the benefits of starting early. I should really stop doing this...

I really should also stop thinking I need to knit things for the kids' teachers...and my neighbors...

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The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes, I'm totally stressing about it as well!! Lucky niece, my kids are both obsessed with American Girl everything...