Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Scary Memories

O. M. G. What were we thinking back in the 80s?? Hearts, geese, AND bows all in one pattern??

This pair of lovelies was wrought by me in celebration of my first Christmas with DH, circa 1990. Clearly, the influence of '80s country was still upon me. At least they aren't pink and blue!

I don't use them, not for the obvious reason (fugliness) but because they are way too small. Otherwise I would probably put up with their kitschy-ness for old times' sake. I have the one my Grammy knitted me 40-some years ago, and I knitted a massive one for dh last year (I should remind him that it can be felted if he doesn't behave!!)

Sadly, this was one of my last real colorwork projects. Since then the most adventuresome I've gotten has been stripes, and adventuresome, that ain'tPosted by Picasa

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